•  Conception, design and development of opto-mechanical devices and precision engineered instruments
  •  Application of imaging methods in industry, vehicle manufacturing and safety engineering
  •  Consulting in application of mechanics, optics and illumination for industrial image processing 
  •  State of the art coatings of optical parts for EMC-protection, temperature management as well as durable nano-coatings
  •  High precise 3D-Measurement with ROMER ABSOLUTE ARM

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3D Printing

Prototypes and small series can be realized as 3D-prints. We will attend you from the first idea to the final product. We use premium-quality materials as there are Onyx and Nylon which we also combine with composite materials like Kevlar as endless fibre. Nearly each kind of design, e.g. cavities, which cannot be realized in conventional methods are possible to realize in unrivalled stability and resistance.

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